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MakeSpeakingFun.com is about developing public speaking skills. From the complete beginner to the nervous speaker, to the speaker who can deliver speeches but would like to feel more confident and enjoy the experience and would like to learn how to make their audience more enthusiastic.

Public Speaking skills are essential life skils, they affect your personal life, your social life, and your work or business life.

In many jobs it is expected or there is a likelyhood that you will need to do public speaking in some form: perhaps as part of a training session, seminar, presentation, workshop, or conference to name a few scenarios.

In social settings you may for example be called to give a wedding speech, or asked to give a short opinion or lengthy speech at a social or activity club that you are a member of. Maybe you are seen as the one who should lead a campaign of a cause or charity that you are associated with.

During the periods of economic turmoil, public speaking skills are all the more important if you have a client or customer facing role. Good public speaking skills can be the difference between sealing the deal or losing it. It can be the difference between being a valued employee or a more expendable one. It can be the difference between growing your business, or losing business.

How much is it worth it to you, to learn the skills you need now, that will serve you for life?

Make Speaking Fun is a blog for anyone that wants to develop their public speaking skills. It is aimed in particular at beginner public speakers. The fear of public speaking or glossophobia to use its technical term, is something that holds many people back. However it is an art that can be learnt and mastered.

And yes as in the blog’s title you can Make Public Speaking Fun. So if you have public speaking anxiety, are nervous, afraid of blushing, afraid of forgetting your words, shaking and anything else that makes public speaking a nightmare for you. And if you no longer wish to fear public speaking, then you’ve come to the right place.

I would hope more experience public speakers can find useful information here also as the blog is written by someone who is very passionate about public speaking and is always aiming for a higher standard. If you have anything to share on any of posts, please do!

Ultimately for whoever is reading, the aim of this blog is to show that fun can be had in the arena of public speaking, whatever level you’re at. And buried within the posts here you should find lost of tips, learning and observations from the world of public speaking.

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