Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

Well we’re almost there and being a public speaking blog, I wish to comment on the Barack Obama Inauguration Speech. I can only hope I do it justice in my commentary.

In the meantime, something I recently learnt was that his head speechwriter is a 27 year old guy called Jon Favreau. His age makes him the youngest speechwriter on record in the White House, yet another element of the now ubiquitous campaign term “change.”

It seems ironic that in a time of economic despair a leader with great oratory skills is elected. Is there a message in there somewhere? Perhaps. Certainly if we want to increase our value to our employers and clients, and compete better to get or keep our job or clients, we need to have the better public speaking skills and confidence.

Who better to learn from than another public speaking leader – World Champion of Public Speaking – Darren LaCroix who shares the secrets and know how of his rise to public speaking success. For $39.95 this could be the best investment in yourself you’ve ever made.

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    1. bostonhiggs @ Make Speaking Fun - Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

      Hehe, Obama certainly has broken the mold in every way. Now he needs to get to work and prove that beyond excellent oratory ability he really can bring about that positive change that is so very much needed now. He’s really got his work cut out for him.

      I’ve actually (still) yet to watch Obama’s Inauguration Speech. Ironically before he delivered it, I had to leave for a Toastmasters Evaluation Skills Workshop.

      Well done on joining Toastmasters. You should certainly notice a difference after working through your first 3-5 speeches. I’ve made massive gains since I joined and my fellow members have commented on it too!

      Oh and apparently legend has it that if you’re still a member after 18 months, you’ll be a member for life!

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