Dr John DeMartini, Public Speaking Confidence and Barack Obama

It’s so funny the way the universe works sometimes. I just mentioned in my last post about the importance of allowing your personality to shine through as part of the public speaking skill set. And in describing that I mentioned about how a great public speaker is also a great salesperson.

Now what’s funny is that I mentioned a bunch of self-help gurus in that last post, including John DeMartini. And then soon after I that I end up reading an interview with John DeMartini where he mentions 7 beliefs that are responsible for holding people back from fulfilling their potential.

And guess what, up to 5 out of those 7 will ring true for many a newcomer to public speaking, to those that have experience but still the nerves or public speaking anxiety persist. Here they are (I’ve emboldened the related 5):

  1. There are seven primary fears that immobilize people and the first one is the fear of breaking the moral and ethics of some spiritual authority…The subordination to perceived spiritual authorities and the fear of breaking the rights and wrongs, or morals and ethics of that (perceived authority) stops people.
  2. The second one is the fear of not being smart enough, not having a degree, not having the intelligence and not being imaginative enough.
  3. The third one is the fear that you’re going to fail at it. I don’t want to start because I know I’m going to be a failure.
  4. The fourth one is the idea that I won’t make money at it, it costs too much money or I’ll lose money doing it.
  5. The fifth one is the fear of losing loved ones’ respect
  6. The next one is the fear of somehow being rejected by the general audience, people in society. Are you crazy, what are you doing, this is stupid, and this is ridiculous.
  7. Last thing is the fear of ill health, death or disease — you don’t have the body to do it, the looks, the height or strength to do it, the energy, and the vitality.

Source: American Chronicle

And on top of those 5, you could even add number 4 to the mix. That one being applicable where there is a desire to go on to become a professional public speaker for pay, but fear prevents you pursuing it. Because somehow you believe you are not good enough to be a paid public speaker. Or the market is too saturated. Or some other reason why you can never make it. Somehow you believe you are going to fail. But I digress.

So here’s another thing. Those 5 highlighted points were not being spoken about in relation to public speaking, they were spoken about in regards to life. So therefore, it’s perfectly understandable that you may be suffering from symptoms of fear of public speaking. Because guess what, you’re just like everybody else.

It’s just that where we can hide our fears as we blend in and out of our community on a day to day basis, public speaking brings those fears to the surface, because it puts you on the spot in front of others. A group of people gathered around, silent, paying their fullest attention to you waiting for you to speak. Public speaking panic attack time – until you start working on it.

And that’s the thing, you can choose to work on expanding your comfort zone. And if you can blatantly start tackling those 5 in the public speaking arena, then guess what? When you read those 7 things, did you find, in the context that they were being described bu John DeMartini, that any one or more of them rang true with regards to your life?

Well don’t you think that if you can work on overcoming those hurdles in the public speaking arena, that in the process you’ll have – if you were conscious and paying attention – gained not just skills that helped you with public speaking. But skills, knowledge and confidence ready to use to overcome some of the blocks in your life caused by any one or more of those 7?

And if you can do that, who knows what exciting opportunities the future might bring. Maybe you’ll make a positive and powerful impact on one person’s life, a group of people’s lives, your community’s, your town’s, your country’s, maybe even the world’s! Sound hard to believe?

Well, who could have imagined 4 years ago that Barack Obama would become the Democratic Candidate to run for election as President, let alone win the Election? And who would have thought that Sarah Palin, a “hockey mom” from a remote state would become the Republican candidate for vice-president?

Certainly in the case of the former, his public speaking skills were a solid asset in his quest to become the Democratic candidate and to go on and win the Election. And in the case of the latter, well being a self-styled “maverick” and how she’s handled her critics, “you betcha” she has a good handle on those 7! And that’s what lead to her being noticed and subsequently invited to become the Republican VP candidate.

So if those two unlikely candidates can achieve what they did, what might happen for you if you step up a level?