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How to handle an open-ended question!

Recently at a Toastmasters Table Topics contest, I observed a single thing that one person did who went on to win the contest. (Generally speaking, if you’re not familiar with table topics, a table topic is a question or topic given to a club member to give an impromptu response to in a time-frame of between 1 and 1:30-2 minutes.)

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Mr Toastmaster … (part 3)

One of the thigs I really enjoy is when I can help someone to do something they have held back from or perhaps had never recognised themselves as being capable of doing. Such opportunities are present in abundance in Toastmasters. As discussed earlier in part two, every time you are an Evaluator you have an opportunity to help someone imagine how much greater they can become through constructive feedback. However, you don’t have to be performing as an evaluator to achieve this.

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Mr Toastmaster … (part 2)

One of the most useful things that you get from Toastmasters that you rarely get from a live speech is constructive criticism. If you do get this after a live speech it’s likely that the person offering it has forgot about the “constructive” part. In Toastmasters, we like to call this process an evaluation, and everyone that performs a role or speech at each Toastmasters Meeting bar one person will receive an evaluation. Why is it useful? It offers us the opportunity to learn what we are doing well at, and to consider areas which we may wish to improve.

In my last performance of the Toastmaster role, I received a fair bit of “evaluation.”

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Mr Toastmaster … (part 1)

I had a very interesting session at my last Toastmasters club meeting. I was the Toastmaster (or host if you’re not familiar with Toastmasters) for the night. It was my third time performing that role. I believe it was my best performance yet. I didn’t rely on notes, and I was much less nervous than the previous two times performing the role. This allowed me to focus on the audience more.

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Blog Launch!


Welcome to my first blog post – I’m very excited to be launching MakeSpeakingFun.com!

After being a member of Toastmasters for a year and a half, I discovered that although my skills and confidence at public speaking and being a toastmaster have improved, there are still certain soft skills missing that prevented me from becoming a fully confident and powerful speaker. So I made it a goal to find out the secrets of the best speakers and share these shortcuts with you.

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